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Using the Country ISO code in targeting

Hello I am trying to use Twitter » Place » Country targeting to capture results from Egypt and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for Egypt i can enter the country name as it is, but I am note sure about "KSA" should I enter it as Saudi Arabia or Kingddom of Saudi Arabia.
And in case I switched to Country code, should I go with Country Codes ISO 3166? and enter Egypt as EG, and Saudi Arabia as SA?

Mostafa Amro

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If you use either the contains or contains_any operator with as a target, and "Saudi Arabia" as an argument, you will pick up interactions with either "Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" or "Saudi Arabia". Note that you'll match more interactions with contains "المملكة العربية السعودية"

Yes, in the case of, EG and SA will correspond to Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Alex Sjoman 1 vote
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