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How do I get the number of likes for URLs on my site?

How do I get the number of likes for a some pages on my site? Or a notification when a user likes a specific page?

I've tried adding the following into a stream, but previewing the stream returns no content:

links.meta.opengraph.url substr ""


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The links.meta.opengraph.url target is looking at the URL of the page which contains the Facebook OpenGraph information, so this will be the URL of the page which has been shared in the interactions you are receiving.

Running the CSDL you provided on it's own does seem to successfully return interactions. If you are using this CSDL as part of a larger CSDL statement, it may be some other line that is preventing you from receiving interactions. 

It is not currently possible to track when someone likes a web page on Facebook using DataSift. 

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