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Does DataSift support for getting detail information of a stream?

Hi Jason,

Assume a customer have 2 groups :
- Business person, they might want to use web dashboard to create a stream (filter). They also want to change this stream whenever they need.
- Developer will write a service to consume data return from the stream.

Business man want to use web dashboard to manage stream, they want to modify filter for better if they need, time by time.
From developer's side, I read almost all of API's documents, what I need to communicate with Datasift is the hash value for a stream. I also know that DataSift also providing API for compiling a filter and than we get this hash return. All the API seem OK.
But from business's man side, they want to use web dashboard for creating, modifying stream (filter)...

So my questions are:
Does DataSift support for:
- getting detail information of a stream ( filter ) base on stream's title( what we see in the web dashboard) or some kind API like /stream/get?title=.....?
- getting information of all streams belong to a customer account?

But after reading API's documents, I think currently that kind of API doesn't exist correct? Do DataSift have a plan for this?

Thank you,

Vu Le


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You can not search for streams created in the UI via the API, no. You can however grab the stream hash from the 'Consume via API' tab in the UI, and use this hash via the API. 

If you want to allow your users to modify streams via some UI, you might be interested in implementing our Query Builder, designed for just that use. You can download the source code for this from Github. The Query Builder is a UI for building CSDL filters, which you can use to pass stream details directly into your application.

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