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Configuring Sentiment Analytics

I believe the sentiment analysis you'll provide is an integration with Lexalytics Salience Engine. Is there a way to to add some of our inputs to get the sentiment definition in such a way that it's more pertinent to our solution.

For an eg. Can we configure the text analytics engine and add words/phrases that we see are positive/neutral/negative (probably of another language but text written in English)

I have read your documentation, and couldn't find this so have marked it as a feature request. I understand that this can be done after mining the data into our DB,but the solution we are looking at would become more robust. Of course I know that there will be a charge for doing this & I'm wiling to pay for it, if that option is available. I also know that we can use you TAG feature, but again we will have to somehow work on the sentiment score.The idea is to get a really comprehensive sentiment score while we are pulling data from datasift, so that we could slice/dice it realtime.


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This is currently not something on our Product Roadmap, though I will forward this request on to our Product Team for consideration.

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