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NOOB Question Datasift Twitter

Ok I am building a web client in java. I just need to filter tweets that have a particular hashtag associated with them.

I noticed that Datasift uses a very unique.
Frankly I think i get that I'm supposed to set up a stream to the data source "twitter" then use my api key with the java library to access the content.
My only question is how do I set up my stream so that it returns tweets referenced by the "#Ireland" with the tweet text and the senders location? or do I do that on the java side.

I'm really confused??


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First, I'd recommend taking a look at some of the examples included in our Java API client, such as the LiveStream example. This details how to compile, subscribe to, and stream results.

We also have a comprehensive Getting Started guide available, which should answer most of your questions in getting up-to-speed with DataSift.

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