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filter by topics score


I have the following filter.
salience.content.topics exists and salience.title.topics
I want to the apply a additional restriction so that I only get interactions back where the salience topic match is strong on any topic.

So I want to have something like this:
salience.content.topics exists and salience.title.topics exists
and salience.content.topics.score > 0.9

salience.content.topics is an array, but I cant filter on items in the array. so:
and salience.content.topics[0].score or
and salience.content.topics.0.score doesn't work.

How do I do this in CSDL?


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Unfortunately this is not currently possible to do in CSDL. The full list of targets available to filter on with the Salience Augmentation, can be found on our Augmentation: Salience targets page.

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