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Define of Twitter types

Hi, Can I define Tweet types as below?

Datasift files - New Tweet
Simple new Tweet. New tweets include user tags:@xxx. All Datasift files have "twitter.created_at" element in the new tweet.

Datasift files - Retweet
A retweet. Retweets have "twitter.retweet" elements in the Datasift files.

Datasift files - Reply (I cannot confirm this one..)
Very similar with new tweets. Mentions have " twitter.in_reply_to_screen_name", "in_reply_to_status_id" and "in_reply_to_user_id".

Datasift files - Mention
Very similar with new tweets and mentions. Replied user's "@" tag at the head"@xxx xxx,". Mention's content have tags in the content body", @xxx,...".

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  • New Tweets will contain a twitter.created_at field - this will not appear on retweets.
  • Retweets will contain a twitter.retweet object - regular Tweets will not.
  • Replies will contain a twitter.in_reply_to_*. Retweets of replies will contain a twitter.retweeted.in_reply_to_*
  • Mentions will contain a twitter.mentions array, or a twitter.retweet.mentions array if it is a retweet.

Be aware that some of these definitons can overlap - a new Tweet can also be a reply, and in being a reply, it is also a mention. 

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