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Is the data streaming in the preview console all of the data that matches the csdl query or just a random sampling?

I'm trying a few queries in the preview console, and I'm not sure if the tweet items I see in there are all of the tweets that match the csdl filter or just a random sampling of them. Interested to hear if the stuff being shown in the console is everything, a sampling, or what the exact behavior is.

Thank you so much for clarifying this


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Both preview consoles will return all live streamed Tweets that match your CSDL filter. For high throughout streams, the interactions will be added to a buffer, so you may not see all the interactions you receive, as they are often not displayed as quickly as they are received (for readability).

The 'Free Preview" stream, which is presented after clicking "Save & Close" in the editor, will currently show you interactions from all data sources (this will be changed in the next version of the UI).

The stream editor stream, which is what you will see after clicking the "Play" button, will show you interactions matching the data sources and augmentations you have switched on - this is an accurate representation of what your stream will receive.

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