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Web interafce Stream's filters using logical operators

I am testing out the interface of Datasift and I am a new user.

I tried to create filters under Streams. I used "contains words", but I was unable to view the help in the pop-up windows. The windows just pop-ups and shows the loading gif.

Can you please provide me to the link where it shows how I can used logical operators like OR and AND. I have some keyword which I can use OR. But some others, I need AND.

Thank you.


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We are aware of the tool-tip loading issue with Query Builder in some browsers. Apologies for the inconvience while we address that.

Using the Query Builder, you build out each filter as you need. Then you would select "ALL of the following" (AND), "ANY of the following" (OR), ADVANCED (brings up graphical editor). 


Filter 1 :: ALL > Content > Contains Words > "coffee, beans"

Filter 2 :: ALL > Content > Contains Words > "tea"

Filter 3 :: ALL > Content > Contains Words > "sugar,cream"

You can then do "[ 1 AND 3 ] OR 2" using the ADVANCED logical operator. 



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