Billing cheat sheet

Here is a quick breakdown of how everything is charged across the Datasift platform:



cost_of_filter * time_running
  • Cost of filter is in DPUs
  • Time running is in hours.
  • Cost of a filter can be found by using the DPU end point


Licence Fees

amount_received * (source_cost + augmentation_cost_1 +augmentation_cost_2 ...)
  • Licence fees will be billed in cents.
  • Source cost is specific to where it came from (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc)
  • Each augmentation is attached to each interaction received (if applicable and active) and will have it's own cost.



(cost_of_filter * time_covered) * 1.25
  • Time covered is the difference between the start and end of the historic in hours.
  • Another easy was to find the cost of a Historic is to look at the response from historics/prepare, the prepare itself will not have any costs attached


Historics Preview

10DPU + (2DPU * days_covered)
  • The resultant cost is in DPUS
  • Days covered is the amount of days between the start and end of the preview


Managed Sources

number_of_resources * 50DPU * months_running
  • The resultant cost is in DPUS
  • A resource is each page, tag or search term monitored
  • Each month is considered to be 30 days


Other Notes

  • The minimum charge for a stream per hour is 1 DPU
  • As a PAYG user 1DPU is equivalent to $0.20
  • Details on billing can be found on the understanding billing page


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