What is the difference between Facebook Public and Facebook Pages?

Facebook Public is a data source that returns public Facebook interactions from Facebook's Open Graph. Unlike the Twitter data source, which has Firehose access (and therefore the ability to filter any tweet), the Facebook Public source returns a smaller subset of Facebook posts and shares.

DataSift archives every Facebook Public interaction received, thus Historic Queries are possible for Facebook Public interactions.

Identifying information, such as name and profile links are anonymized for this source.


Facebook Pages by contrast is a Managed Source, that is designed to monitor every post, like, and comment on Facebook Pages specified by the user.

The process of activating a Managed Source such as Facebook Pages involves a bit more set up, which is detailed in the Managed Source Step by Step guide.

Though Historics is not available for Facebook Pages, we monitor for interactions created on posts up to 7 days old.

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